Orienteering this Sunday in Lucan, Co Dublin

Orienteering this Sunday November 29th is in Griffeen Valley Park, Lucan, Co Dublin. The area is parkland which is perfect for juniors and novices.

Points to note:
– The area is perfect for beginners and juniors (under 10/novice juniors accompanied, over 12 with some experience alone)
– There are 2 courses (2.6km and 5.3km long)
– You can arrive and start any time between about 11am – 1pm, no need to pre-register (last start time is 1pm)
– You don’t have to be in a club to take part
– Cost is usually about €8 for adults with discounts for children (and sometimes club members)

If you’re unsure or have any questions you can ask any of the organisers (on the day or 087 9360308 / 3roc@orienteering.ie)

There are directions and some more info on http://3roc.net, with map links here:
GPS Coordinates are 53.336845, -6.448309

Leinster Orienteering
More questions?

Take a look at an old map of Griffeen Valley Park

Click to access Griffeen-20121130_POC-Long-Course.pdf


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